Dedication of the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason - Inaugural Performance of "The Mass" by Patrick Cassidy


Location: Newman University Church, Dublin, Ireland

The Mass

In celebration of the Opening of the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason, we present the inaugural performance of Patrick Cassidy's The Mass.

Renowned Irish composer Patrick Cassidy, who composed the score for the feature film Calvary and for the award winning documentary on the Irish Easter uprising of 1916 produced by Notre Dame, has composed a lush new setting of the Latin Mass for orchestra and Choir which will have its debut in our Church.

Of all the arts, music holds an unparalleled attraction for the human spirit. It reflects the inner depths of one’s being by means of a language that goes beyond mere words.

The Mass has long been regarded as one of the most important genres in musical history. In the pantheon of composers, The Mass, in many cases, is seen as their greatest achievement.
Patrick Cassidy, Ireland’s most renowned and respected composer, now presents his own setting of The Latin Mass. This is the first major symphonic setting of The Latin Mass written by an Irish composer. It follows in the long and profound musical tradition of the great Masses.

These great Masses communicate to us the aspirations of their time, place and culture. The great cultural and artistic contribution of the early Celtic Church to European civilization and heritage, and hopes for the time in which we now exist, very much inspired the composition of this new Mass.

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